Hip-Hop fans may recognize Ill Poetic as the man behind the boards of Detroit artist Red Pill’s 2016 album “Instinctive Drowning” (Mello Music Group). Praised not only as a powerful and emotional project, Ill Poetic was highlighted by numerous national media outlets for his progressive, boundary-pushing production on the record as well. Those familiar with Ill Po’s career wouldn’t be surprised by these descriptions; he’s built a career unbound by genre, or even industry.

From his early days of emcee-battling at Cincinnati, Ohio’s famed Top Cats and Scribble Jam, to establishing a career self-producing two solo albums in the late 2000’s, Ill Po became a recognizable name in the underground hip-hop scene and tour circuit. It wasn’t until 2008, when he’d release a mash-up album of Portishead & Joe Budden (“Mood Muzik’s Third”) that his career would elevate beyond the typical rapper/producer narrative. After receiving cosigns from Rolling Stone, as well as both Portishead and Joe Budden Ill Po would go on to release two more successful mash-ups.

The late 2000’s would also bring Ill Poetic into business with manager Micshon Harper, forging a partnership to launch VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting. This venture would lead to the launch of their team’s multimedia platform, Definition Music, as well as Ill Po’s graphic and sound-design company SoundRzn. This foundation allowed for Ill Po and various accompanying artists, musicians, and film-makers to release their art on a growing but structured platform.

With 2012's "Synesthesia Yellow" and 2016's "The Silhouette Project", Ill Poetic began focusing on crafting a unique new sound and creative process for each project. With his most recent album, "An Idiot's Guide to Anarchy", he continues to evolve; diving flawlessly into rich and layered production, live instrumentation, vocalists, and exciting new songwriting structures. Working with artists from Ohio’s legendary ‘60s/’70s Ohio Funk scene as well as a plethora of diverse young musicians & vocalists, Ill Poetic creates a unique sound steeped in a classic Ohio funk and soul outfit that travels from psych-rock to industrial, from 808s to the ethereal: A Postmodern George Clinton with biting lyricism fueled by the soul of George Carlin.

After years of studio work with these legendary and up-and-coming musicians, Ill Po brought the live aspect of his music to the stage, joining with legendary Columbus, OH drummer Ill Atmospherics, members of his band Playhouse and various musicians and singers from the Ohio region to create a live show that pulls from hip-hop, drum-and-bass, deep house, electronic, gospel, funk, soul, and jazz. This show has also developed into a recurring San Diego-based event, SEANCE, where musicians from various scenes and genres all come together to create live experiences.

Backed by these bold and innovative ideas, Ill Poetic continues to push his career in fearless new directions, creating and performing music he describes as “a soundtrack to the imagination”.

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