After over 15 years of boundary-pushing self-released albums, mash-ups, production work, graphic work, entrepreneurship and even curriculum development, Timothy "Ill Poetic" Gmeiner has developed a wide spectrum of creative processes to express a range of thoughtful and honest work. It’s in his newest release, “As Serious As Your Life” where we see Ill Po use as versatile a palette as ever to articulate these deeper nuances in a record that reflects explorations of hip-hop, jazz, fusion, 70s electronic music and film scores. Every moment of this record defies genre in order to live solely for its purpose.

Ill Poetic’s career as a music and graphic artist has garnered public acclaim from Portishead, Rolling Stone, XXL, and Pitchfork among other nationally recognized artists and publications.  He has toured internationally and produced for or collaborated with such acts as Chris Orrick, Illogic, Slum Village, Atmosphere, King Britt, Steph Richards, Blitz The Ambassador, and Aesop Rock. Through his company SoundRzn Design, he's collaborated with interdisciplinary artists and provided audio and visual services for an array of universities and companies of various industries including the San Diego Symphony, OWN, and HBO.

In 2019, he began guest lecturing at various colleges, community centers and music festivals on the subject of artist entrepreneurship. These lectures and workshops act as Gmeiner’s first step towards a fully expansive curriculum geared to help provide both college students and under-resourced youth with an overview of the tenants, resources and options that exist in creating a sustainable and tangible self-governed career in the anarchic creative field.

Gmeiner currently attends UCSD and is working toward a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts - Music. His current work focuses on the topic of multisensory connection as related to creative output. Future projects include continued research and collaboration with other progressive artists and technology to create unique fully immersive multisensory experiences inspired by thoughtful narratives and honest subject matter designed to incite an expansion of imagination and creativity within the experiencer.

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