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Hip-Hop fans may recognize the name Ill Poetic from his recently buzzed-about video “Gone”, though others may remember him for his 2007 national debut The World is Ours. A lot has happened in five years, as Ill Poetic kept busy expanding his sound and reach. He went on to create 3 mash-up records (gaining national acclaim from sources such as Portishead and elite media outlets), and production under such national acts as Slum Village, Illogic & Blitz the Ambassador, as well as sound-design and score an award-winning independent film. All the while, he continued touring; building a foundation of loyal fans and respect from his musical peers. With the support of EMPIRE’s distribution and marketing machine, he is looking to showcase his sound and voice to a wider audience.

Bravely undertaking a completely new creative process for Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement, Ill Poetic has meticulously crafted a unique new sound, shedding the typical hip-hop producer aesthetic he was once known for. Inspired by his hometown’s Ohio Funk legacy, he dives flawlessly into rich and layered production, live instrumentation, vocalists, talk boxes, and exciting new song-writing structures.

Backed by this bold and innovative sound, Ill Poetic is ready to push his career in a fearless new direction, creating an EP he describes as “a journey into the highs and lows of following your dreams; a soundtrack to the imagination”.

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