Definition Music

Designed by SoundRzn

2146 Logan Ave., ⁠⁠SanDiego, CA, 91941

Tim Gmeiner began seriously recording and performing original music live at the age of 17 under the stage name “Ill Poetic”, becoming a full-time career artist in 2008. After years of handling his own production, mixing, mastering, artwork, merchandise pressing, promotion and tour booking, as well as artist consultation, Tim assisted in the official launch of both Definition Music and VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting, merging his experience in the industry and independent music scene with his group’s experience range in project development, corporate business know-how, formal music business education & resources, and community active consciousness.

Toledo, Ohio native and University of Cincinnati alum Hunter Turner has built his reputationas a landmark spoken word artist and emcee throughout the Ohio scene, racking up award nominations along the way. Beyond his work as an artist however, Hunter was brought in to build Definition Music as a label, specializing as a creative director and spearheading innovative promotional ventures often built around grassroots theory and community activism as well as international ventures.

A seasoned business mind with a strong passion for music, Micshon Harper, owner of VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting, has had over 10 years of experience with management in both the corporate and music world. From launching his company as the manager to national underground artist Illogic, to cultivating his own position as project manager and consultant in the corporate world at Limited Brands, Micshon brings a strong sense of business understand to our platform.

Definition Music at it’s heart, is an independent record label. However, we see ourselves as a platform for a growing collective of artists to present music, art & film that explores, connects, transcends and stands for something greater. 

Definition originated in the dorm rooms of the University of Cincinnati in 2002 as a hip-hop group comprised of TimGmeiner & Dean Hummons, Jr (under the artist names Ill Poetic & Zone). After releasing an EP, the duo went on to release solo material under the “label” name Definition Music. After bringing in partner Hunter Turner, Definition Music LLC officially formed in 2009 as a more organized platform to release material. Partnering with VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting, Definition Music embraced the theory that development of an artist’s unique voice and sound was a mandatory first step in the artist’s career. This hands on approach has allowed Definition Music to assist VoiceOfRzn in the artist developement process; transitioning projects from raw ideas to professional pieces of work that would then be provided outlets of distribution to a mass audience. Though loosely described as a label, Definition Music might be better described as a process. The early years of our imprint allowed Definition Music to refine it’s process with it’s flagship artists; Ill Poetic, Zone and Huntorprey. This successful refinement has recently allowed us to widened our scope, including exciting new artists across multiple genres, and is committed to becoming a home for creative and driven talent to release their art.

In 2012, Definition Music collaborated with VoiceOfRzn to sign a digital distribution deal, allowing for worldwide distribution of the platform’s current roster, and opening the doors for new artists of all genres to be exposed. In 2016, we’re proud to announce the re-launch of Definition Music as a growing multi-media platform. Though rooted in music releases, we will be expanding into other avenues, such as short film and beyond. We’re excited to see what Definition Music can grow into in the coming years and hope you stick around for the ride.

Parent company to Definition Music LLC, VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting is the brainchild of Micshon Harper, and with assistance from Definition Music, practices the end-to-end philosophy of focusing in on the core developement of it’s artist’s creative vision and quality of artistic output, as well as professional event planning, allowing the proper presentation of the company’s artists.

Beatbox Records is a record shop based in San Diego, CA. Opened in 2014 by owner DJ Inform, and ran by both Inform & Ill Poetic, BeatBox also acts as the physical retail spot for all Definition Music music and merchandise. BeatBox also provides customer clothing and other essentials in our online store.

Developed in 2009 as an offspring of Definition Music Co-CEO Tim Gmeiner, SoundRzn provides the majority of Definition Music’s artwork and graphic layout and assists in many of the label’s engineering and production needs. SoundRzn also provides these services for a growing list of outside clients.

Fringe Life, formerly Arris Productions, is a partner company to our family, providing professional and creative visual treatments that greatly enhance the the visions of our artists as well as diversifies the overall presentation of the artist’s package. Fringe life also includes Definition Music duo Kindred Bay.